Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The upstairs bathroom project

It really is about time we did something about our upstairs bathroom.  I did put some tiles up in about 1995, but that has been just about it. 

So we have removed all the cladding from around the bath (which is an iron, claw-footed thing weighing at least half a ton).  There is so much pipework that we really need to move the bath, take up the floor and re-route as much of the pipes as possible under the floor

So for the next week or so, all this work is going to be started.

So the tiles have now been removed, the pipes re-routed, a new floor laid and the outside of the bath has been painted.

A new sink unit has also been plumbed in

The new tiles are a rather zany white brick pattern, with bevelled edges.

Which look really good when grouted with black grout

Starting to consider the cladding for the walls and the exact painting plan.

And here it is virtually finished.  A blue and white paint scheme, cladding on the lower part of the walls, the tiles look great, etc,

Very happy with this - now to start on the other bathroom downstairs!

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