Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wife's home office project

The first picture below shows Wife's home office before the current redecoration project started.  In time, this room will become a second bathroom.  Hard to believe.

And this is the room that will become her new office - currently just has bookcases in it and is full of stuff.

It does have a working Godin stove though, which is a nice feature.


This deck will be repainted

And this French "vitrine" is currently being repainted.

and looks very nice for a bit of new paint - Farrow and Ball's "Blackened"

And this is the new office all set up a week or so after the project started.  Nice and bright, with the Godin made into more of a feature and easy access to the conservatory.

Now to start thinking about the new bathroom in the room next door.

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