Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A quick trip to France - 27 hours at the house

The day after Daughter's move to Oxford is complete, I am off to France for a lightning fast visit in our van, spending just 27 hours at the house and more than that travelling.

During this visit, I have

1.  delivered 60 boxes of wood flooring, four chests of drawers, an armoire, four single beds and two double beds, plus six mattresses.

2.  liased with our builder about the plan of the work for the next few weeks and the outstanding amounts due.

3.  visited the other farmhouse we are interested in and taken loads more photos and measurements

4.  started the painting of the main bedroom - some wall tests and the white for the ceiling

Interestingly, the pool looks really good now - the best it has been all season.  I am considering not replacing the liner next spring.

And while I was there, Wife and I had something of a bust-up about our future plans.

On the way back to Caen, there was a huge electrical storm that illuminated the sky after dark for over an hour.  At its peak, there were probably as many as 10 flashes of lightning per second!  I have never seen a storm like this before - quite headache inducing after a while.

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