Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What I did on October 15th 2013

4:30 Woke up - currently my normal waking up time.  Thought about the changes necessary for our French property advert

6:10 Went to the gym - one hour of swimming, about 80 lengths, 2 km.  Front crawl stoke is getting better, but still can't do multiple lengths

8:00 Read the Guardian and worked on house advert

10:00  Drive to western edge of London to deliver mirror bought from us on ebay - the most expensive item we have ever sold and deserving of care and attention in delivery.  Thought about going into central London, but too much to do at home.

13:00  Called in Homebase for final DIY purchases before our trip to France.  They don't sell overalls any more apparently - I had planned to buy Wife some for her role as my new apprentice.

14:00  Worked on new structure for house advert - lots of text changes and a complex message to deliver for next year.

16:00  Half an hour of French practice - actually mainly a skim read of the next few chapters so I know what topics are going to be covered.

17:00  Nearly finished Julian Cope's Repossessed.  Listening to Cope albums - but also the first couple of CDs from the huge King Crimson boxset, The Road to Red, which arrived this morning.

19:00  Dinner - old stuff from the freezer - some sort of fish

20:00  Watched the first half of the England football match

21:00  Watched an episode of Breaking Bad with Wife

23:00  Asleep

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