Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The French project is green-lighted

Late yesterday afternoon, the final piece of the jigsaw that is the French project dropped into place and as far as we are concerned, the project is now definitely on.  The only thing that could stand in our way is something strange and legal - probably the action of a Mayor.  But there is no strong reason to think that this will happen.

The torture that is French admin continues of course.  We haven't heard from the Notaire about the documents that Wife has to sign to enable her to miss the closing meeting.  And we don't seem to be able to open a bank account in France quite yet.  The bank who are lending us euros as a hedge against our euro-denominated asset, don't seem to want to let us have a bank account to pay them back from.

Technically we are in our "7-day cooling off period" at the moment.  This ends on Thursday and we will be paying the deposit early next week.  Some news from the vendors suggests that the Notaire is moving quite fast and that we might complete ahead of our current target of November 21st, but I shall believe that when I see it.

So my priorities are starting to switch over to the first building project that we want to do there - the conversion of a spare room downstairs into a second bathroom in the main part of the house.  Our project manager is already warning us that we need to get quotes sooner rather than later, so I am drafting a plan.

I am also working on a firm budget for the furniture and fittings which we have to buy.

And I really should start to learn French from one of the courses I bought

So in two month's time, we might own this

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