Friday, 21 September 2012

Astronomy photographer of the year

A couple of the daily newspapers have had photos from the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.  Over the years I have often tried to take photos using my telescope but the skill required to do so has proved rather beyond me.  Yes I have managed some nice star trail photos, but they are pretty easy to do.  The problem has been any subject that requires the camera to be guided - these have consistently proved beyond me.
So the following pictures are my favourites from this year, all of which attest to my own failure as an astronomical photographer!
The whirlpool galaxy

Venus transiting the sun - something that sadly I won't ever get to see unless I live to be about 140!

The Milky Way over a town in Turkey

Orion and the Pleiades in Japan

The Veil Nebula

Star trails - the green lines are fireflies!

The seasons of Mars

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