Saturday, 17 March 2012

Philip Glass Documentary & Kepler

I was watching a documentary about Philip Glass on Sky last night - "Glass: A portrait of Philip in 12 parts". Excellent stuff. I saw up to about part 3 where he was out in Nova Scotia in a large collection of cabins which he owns. I was very impressed with this and it has reminded me that Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are two places I am very keen to visit still.

At one point in the film, Glass was asked about his working methods and he gave an analogy to fishing

At a certain point in a piece you sort of know what the piece is about and that can happen very close to the end. Does that happen with a film? You'll come to a place and say, Oh, that's what it is. Hopefully it happens before the piece is finished It almost always does. If you've done it for years and years you can be confident, but if you're young, you may not be confident with it and it can be very scary. . . . . It's kind of like you're waiting with a fishing rod in the water, waiting for a bite. It'll come, oh, there it is. But the thing is is that it doesn't come if you're not there waiting for it, you've got to do the work or it doesn't come

Which is quite correct I feel (and exemplified by my barbel capture!)

Later on, looking on Amazon, I was surprised to discover that Glass's "Kepler" is out on CD and DVD. This is the Linz production that I went to see there a couple of years ago. For the first time in ages, there is some music that I have to buy instantly and which I am desperate to receive.

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