Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jason Molina news

While looking for something completely different (information on Sinead O'Connor's Black Album), I came across a link to Songs: Ohia, the "band" name for Jason Molina's early records. I haven't heard anything about him for a couple of years and it turns out he has had health problems that caused the cancellation of a tour in 2009 and have curtailed his recording career. He has large medical bills and has an internet appeal out to help him with them. In the meantime, he is working on a farm raising chickens.

I first came across Jason Molina with the track Steve Albini's Blues from his Black Album, which I found on the old (and still lamented) website, Then there is the track Captain Bad'ass, or the whole of Ghost Tropic, or the more recent track Its hard to love a man like you. Astounding stuff.

Wife and I went to see him in concert in a tiny club in Shepherd's Bush some years ago. I know he is also a favourite of Jerome. Sad news indeed.

"There ain't no contest against the final day,
Will rise above us, either way.
We're either greeted by life or its reverse,
Then each day greeted by fortune or its reverse.
Will you stand up for your one chance?
Will you stand up for love?
We get no second chance in this life
We get no second chance in this life
You won't have to think twice if its love you will have"

From Captain Badass, off the album "Axxess & Ace" by Songs: Ohia (Jason Molina) 1999

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