Monday, 10 April 2017

A bat flies into the house

It was sweltering hot in France today with the peak afternoon temperature reaching into the 30s for the first time this year.  So when we were watching a movie this evening, the main door was still open and much to our surprise, we were joined by a bat that flew in.

It settled on one of the roof beams, hanging downwards, while I went and found my fishing net from the garage.  Rather surprisingly. it was happy to drop into the net and was carried to the bottom of the garden before it flew off again.

Bats are really tiny when you see that face-to-face as it were, but are odd looking creatures.

Not sure if they can give you rabies, as Daughter maintains, but I was very heroic as I rescued the bat and saved the day.

In my view, the bit when the bat flew in was the best part of the film.

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