Monday, 20 February 2017

Maggie Roche R.I.P

Sad new - the recent death of Maggie Roche.  I heard about this when Katie Puchrik played Hammond Song on her show to commemorate her.

I first came across The Roches due to Robert Fripp's involvement - Terri Roche sang on Fripp's Exposure and Fripp produced the first Roche's CD.  I saw them play live in London in the early 1980s and have followed them to a degree ever since - not so much recently as I have lost track of what they have been releasing.  But I have enjoyed the odd live show recording over the last five years or so.

She died of cancer as so many do.  A great shame and a great talent

They are Terri and Maggie and Suzi, or Suzi and Terri and Maggie and they don't give out their phone numbers apparently.

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