Monday, 2 January 2017

Alan Booth's The Roads to Sata, Lesley Downer, Stephen Pern

Current reading is a book I found in the garage over Christmas - Alan Booth's The Roads to Sata.  This is another example of the long walk books that I used to buy loads of years ago when it was not impossible that one day I might do such a walk - now the prospect seems as far away as it ever has, but you never know.

But a long walk for me would not be the length of Japan, a country that just seems weirder and weirder as I get older!  I watched an episode of Joanna Lumley's recent series about travelling around Japan - I would still really like to go back there again one day

I have also found Lesley Downer's book on travelling the route of the poet Basho.  Maybe I will read this next

And finally, I have found the tv programme of Stephen Pern walking through Japan.  This came out in the mid-1980s or early 1990's I think and is still a favourite

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