Monday, 15 September 2014

French Holiday - Sept - Wife's parents

Our September holiday is a tale of two parts.  For the first week we are joined by Wife's parents, which has mixed results.  daughter is not greatly pleased but the week passes without too much incident, possibly because Daughter has a friend come a visit, which distracts her a bit.

Wife's parents have become committed Franco-philes over the last six months.  Not sure i'd be too happy if some of their more-far-fetched plans to spend time here ever came to fruition - But rather than worry about that now, I will just assume that they won't come to fruition.

Some nice days again as usual

And for a few days we were joined by a kitten - almost certainly the daughter of the male tabby that we used to see around the house last year.

The kitten was christened "Rosie" by daughter.  She disappeared after a week with us and hasn't been seen since.

A nice trip out to Saintes with Wife's parents

And a trip to a Sunday brocante market, where I bought lots of pictures

Daughter and friend visiting Oscar the donkey


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