Monday, 15 September 2014

Catch up 5 - recent reading and music

Hardly any time for serious reading this summer.  In what little time I have had, I have re-read several old favourites such as Mathiesson's The Snow Leopard, Feyerabend's biography Killing Time, Garber's Academic Instincts, Safranski's biography of Heidegger and Rowland's biography of Giodarno Bruno

Briefly I looked at the possibility of going trekking to the area where The Snow Leopard is set - apparently it is now a fairly routine trip for people to do.  It wasn't in the early 1970s!

Very few new books - one that stood out was Hellbron's biography of Galileo

My music listening has been focused on Gideon Coe's rather excellent radio shows, though I still have my monthly subscription to and download my full lot each month - I just rarely get a chance to hear much of them.  One new band I have really liked was Bo Ningen, more noisy Japanese.

Another highlight was Iggy Pop's BBC 6 radio shows.

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