Monday, 15 September 2014

Catch up 4 - France in July

Our summer holiday this year was spent at our main house in France just before it was then rented out for 6 weeks.  We had just about finished the renovation of Petits Chats and so were able to rent the whole house to one group for two weeks, which was good.

Overall then, our house income was marginally up on last year.

Our holiday was partly spent sorting out the purchase at Louzignac and partly on getting the main house ready for the summer - for instance we spent a lot of time cleaning the pool.  But we did manage one or two days out as well.

Wife cleaning the bottom of the pool with her broom.  Later it turned out that the best technique was to use a Karcher cleaning with a long jet attachment

Lovely weather for our stay (and for most of the summer).  Sunflowers everywhere this year.

We went brocanting on Oleron on one occasion and still see the re-sale of this sort of stuff in the UK as being a possible future source of income

And our main house looks lovely as the peak season approaches

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