Monday, 15 September 2014

Catch up 3 - Daughter.'s summer

Daughter finished the first year of her M Phil at Oxford and has come about one-third of the way down her year, which is borderline distinction and which she was pretty happy with, as there is a higher focus on maths in the first year, which is not her strength (such a judgement being relative to her very select peer group of course).

She then spent most of the summer in Central America on her latest tour of many countries.  So we didn't see her for some time.  But she seemed to have a very good time doing that, and made a new very-close friend.

Her next priority is to sort out a suitable dissertation topic for the second year of her M Phil and then start the process of being accepted onto the D Phil.

Finally, she was voted onto the committee of her college common room and therefore gets to stay in her current halls of residency for another year, rather than have to find a place of her own.

So all pretty good really . . . .

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