Monday, 15 September 2014

Catch Up 1 - House rental, etc

Rather disappointingly, we have had remarkably little interest in renting our house out and we are getting close to having to decide what to do with it.  We had rather assumed that by now we would be thinking about an imminent move to spend a year or so in France, but that might not be able to happen at the moment.

So do we go stick with our current arrangement in which Wife works in the UK and I start the new French project alone?  Or can we think of any other idea.

We have received lots of thoughts on the subject from Wife's clients, who generally seem to think that the estate agent are wholly to blame.  On the other hand, Wife's clients are also pleased she is currently not going, even thought they bought her leaving presents in the summer!

So maybe the house will come off the market in a few weeks time and we will do some more re-painting over the winter and try again in the spring.

A tremendous disappointment given what we hoped to be doing now.

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