Saturday, 3 May 2014

Watching lots of "Northern Exposures"

While I am away in France again, Wife is at home watching the current series of Masterchef and catching up on Call the Midwife.  Daughter is watching Game of Thrones and the occasional Masterchef.  While I am watching series 3 of Northern Exposure, my all time favourite TV show.

What a treat to be able to watch two or three shows a night with no interruptions.  I always felt Northern Exposure was the sort of show that needed to be watched properly.

I always felt that Chris was one of the characters on TV that was most like me - in one episode he even says that as long as he has his music and books, he's fine!  A philosophical DJ - I could have been really good at that!

Maggie is also such a great character - very few tomboyish female characters occur on TV.  Spoilt only by the discovery that Janine Turner is something of a Tea Party activist these days

And I also have rather a soft spot for Adam and Eve - the really bonkers couple. 

Despite having all the episode on DVD and also on computer files (and probably even video tape), I have never actually watched all the episodes.  I have saved series 5 and 6, though I don't know why - maybe my sadness of knowing that the programme was winding down by then. 

But on this trip I am close to the end of series 3 and also have series 4 available.  But I still don't know when I will watch 5 and 6. 

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