Monday, 27 January 2014

France trip - Part 2


More work on floors this morning - filling in gaps with carefully cut pieces and fitting skirting boards.  This is now just about finished.  Also painted the landing and the back bedroom walls.

Finally the rain has stopped and the sun is out - everything instantly looks better.  But the far end of the garden is just mud at the moment.

Back home, Wife is feeling lonely, but there is only a few days to go now.

Oscar's field has a stream running through it


No Steve again - I am just beginning to hit a bottleneck due to his continual absence.

A brief trip to St Jean this morning for a copy of the international edition of the Sunday Times - one of my favourite papers.  And to Leclerc for a restock of food

The new armoire that I acquired on Saturday has been moved from the van into the downstairs bedroom of Petits Chats.  E150, the most I have ever paid for one - and it needs some work doing on it.

But it does look good already


I have set up the main bedroom ready for my trip down with Wife in a few week's time - and to take some new photos for the various websites.  I'm pretty happy with how it has come out and it is a big improvement on the old green-and-red strippy wallpaper!

I have also decided to do more cladding in the downstairs bathroom than the original plan, so I will include the area round the toilet as well.  Some test cuts for this work, along with test cuts for the rather complex scheme necessary to put up shelves in the new cleaner's cupboard.

Watched the Great Interior Design Competition on TV, where they were doing a dockland lounge.  This gave me some more ideas for the lounge in PC.

More back bedroom issues - the planned bed is slightly too big and messes up the flow of the room (and I can't fit any other furniture in)


Grant and Simon are here with the intention of doing the ceiling of the kitchen.  So down in the morning and a new frame put up in the afternoon - the plasterboard will be attached next week.

Cold again today - enough to justify wearing thermal hats inside!

Moved the smaller armoire up into the back bedroom.  This had to be broken apart in order to move it and took three hours to put back together again.  But it is up and looks ok, even if I have destroyed what little structural integrity it previously had


Bright and sunny this morning, so I walked to the bakers.  Half a dozen people said "Bonjour monsieur".  I am almost a local!

Grant and Simon have been cleaning the plaster off the fireplace to reveal the underlying stone.  The tool used is called a pig scraper, both because it was used to clean the hairs off the skin of a pig, but also because the sound it makes is like a pig squealing.

Went round to Grant and Karen's tonight for dinner.  Spent five hours there and drank too much.  A beautiful clear starry night - so much lower light pollution here and so many more stars visible than back in the UK.


Lots of small jobs this morning before an afternoon departure for Caen.  We had a run through the spec for the remaining work.  Still no Steve though, so the job is now well behind.  Hopefully he will be back before Wife and return in a couple of weeks

The chaos that remains in the garden of Petits Chats

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