Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Procrastination - reading old press cuttings

This week is supposed to be about completing a long to-do list of things, but having written down the detailed list, I am struggling to tick them off.  One or two things get done each day, then I rather stop. 

In these large gaps, I have been reading some old press cuttings.  At the end of my desk, there is a pile of everything that I have cut out of papers in the last year or two.  My current reading is a batch of articles linked to the Swedish-Danish series, The Bridge.  Lots of articles about women with Asperger's.

I am also listening to Gideon Coe's Shedcast radio show.  Just after the half way point in the show, he has played Artery's Into the garden, a song I remember well from years ago on John Peel, where he described it as one of the most erotic songs he had ever heard, though he didn't know what he meant by that.

We are considering watching the US version of The Bridge - I am in two minds.  I would prefer to see the original again instead.

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