Monday, 23 September 2013

My second triathlon - Highworth

Again, my triathlon preparation has not been perfect and I keep getting a recurring calf strain whenever I run very far in training.  But regardless of this I have turned out again for my second event - the 2013 Highworth triathlon.

It was a slightly damp and chilly morning as we all assembled around 730 onwards.  I was number 24 and set off at 8:30.  I am one of the few wearing regular swimming trunks - I really should buy myself a tri-suit.  My transition to the bike is so much slower than everyone else's.

I rather enjoyed the bike ride - a 22 km circuit of some local villages.  I passed half a dozen riders and was passed by 2.  I was slightly concerned throughout that putting in too much effort might affect my calf and stop me completing the run.  I could have gone quite a lot faster.

The run is round part of a local golf course and featured a really difficult uphill slog at the end of each of the three laps.  This was really difficult first time round but then got easier the next two times.  And my calf, though slightly sore, does not give out.

My time was 1 hour 35,20 - about 9 minutes inside my time for last time, though the bike ride was a little longer.  My next target will be to get a time around 1 hr 25 mins.  I beat about 25 others and probably came about 110th overall. 

A very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning!

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