Friday, 13 September 2013

My next triathlon!

I have signed up for my second triathlon, taking place just three weeks after my first.  This one is in Highworth, where we cycled to in my first one.  I am intending that my training be much better this time  I am going to the swimming pool each morning at 6:30 and doing an hour or so.  Much of this is still based around learning to swim front crawl.  Indeed I am now doing alternate lengths of breast stroke then front crawl, so progress continues.

Then at some point in the morning, I am doing a second event.  Yesterday I rode 40km in about 80 minutes.  Today is was a 5 km run.  The run is still a bit of a problem as I still have some muscle pain in my left calf which comes on at about the 3 km point.  I had been resting the calf for the last few days, but the pain occurred again today.

I am off to France for a few days on Sunday and will be swimming and running there, with a view of finishing training on Thursday before the event on the following Sunday.  The website for the event has posted the cycle and run routes plus loads of other information.  My target time is 1 hour 40 this time, but it depends on how hilly the cycle ride is and whether my calf holds out on the run 

Then I shall be moving into just winter training until maybe my first event of 2014 around March.

I am even thinking of getting a new bike next spring (I could take my current one to France maybe, as it would be great to ride there)

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