Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A one-month absence from blogging

It has been a strange month.  The main issue was that the partnerships we had entered into in respect of the painting holidays in France and the brocante business have both been terminated after serious disagreements related to various aspects of the arrangements.  This has been a very messy process and is still not close to completion - it will drag on at least till the end of September it would seem.

There are also various complex issues related to the father of the partner.  He and I have had a few conversations over the last few months and this has rather opened my eyes to a few things.

So I have a garage full of brocante stock and a re-designed painting holiday business based around bringing in external tutors. 

Oddly enough, these changes to the business do increase the potential profitability of them from my point of view. 

As stress relief, I have entered a triathlon in September held at my gym in Faringdon and am now training hard.  Six mornings a week I go swimming at the gym, and then two or three times a week I extend this by either running on the treadmill or doing some biking.  This does take my mind off things a bit.

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