Monday, 17 June 2013

Our first Collectors Fair

We have now acquired about 50 boxes of french-sourced brocante product and are about to launch ourselves on the UK Antique and Collectibles market with attendance at Ardingly Fair and then Sunbury the week after.

Much work on pricing and cataloguing the stock and planning the overall feel of what we want to look like, etc. 

We will eventually launch an ebay shop and website to support the fairs.  It is possible that we might do up to 50 days of fairs a year going forward (though that does seem a bit high).  Target profit is £500-750 per day, maybe £25,000 per year from the business in total.  No idea yet whether that would be achievable, but we are about to find out

Addendum - June 20th

Setting up at Ardingly

We are open for business!

How we look to the discerning public - though the French flag works well, we could have done with a big sign across the top, or some red, white and blue bunting.  We probably didn't push the Frenchness enough

But I did think the stuff looked nice on the shelves

Last picture before we sold the green-orange chest of drawers

Overall, our result was a bit lower than we hoped for, but not so low that we don't think it was a good idea to try. 

Addendum 2 - June 26th

The brocante business seems profitable enough for one person to be involved in, but maybe not three.  There have also been some disagreements about the best way to capitalise on the idea going forward.   

The upshot is that some big changes have taken place in how we are going to do things going forward.

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