Monday, 25 March 2013

Jason Molina RIP

A music site has reported some sad news over the weekend - the death of Jason Molina. His record company says he died of "natural causes" but the implications seems to be that he died from organ failure due to alcoholism - he was 39.

I first heard him with the track "Steve Albini's blues" and I soon had all his cds (just about) from and other pay sites.  Didn't it Rain and Ghost remain two of my favourite albums ever.

I saw him twice in concert - once was a solo show in the upstairs of a pub in Shepherd's Bush (which I saw with Wife) and the other was a Magnolia Electric Company show in 2009.

He released his final recordings late last year and I am listening to them now - a sad a set of songs as you're ever likely to hear.

Rest In Peace

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