Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Viv Albertine and BBC Punk programmes

While listening to a recent Gideon Coe radio show on BBC 6, I was very struck by a new single by Viv Albertine - I want more.  Of course, in my formative music years in the late 1970s onwards, she featured heavily in my listening due to the Slits album, Cut.  What a fine record that was.

And now I have her recent record, The Vermilion Border, to listen to - downloaded from emusic.com this morning.  She always looked really great in the Slits - in fact me and many of my friends at the time really liked the idea of going out with a girl who looked like she did then.

And she is still rather lovely now - something she hints at in one of her songs on the new record - "Confessions of a MILF".  I have followed my listening to this with a listen to the deluxe, 2 cd version of Cut, who would have thought there would ever be such a thing

Definitely a MILF if you ask me

A couple of days ago I was watching a 3-part programme on punk that had been screened on BBC 4 a little while back.  There was a section about the Slits in part 3, along with a great set of clips of Public Image Ltd - I had forgotten how good they were.  But I was also struck by how many of the artists interviewed appeared in their lounges by a beautiful fire places - they are all middle class now, even Penny Rimbaud (sort of) and the guy out of the Pop Group (despite his combat jacket - which he probably wears when he goes trout fishing)

It reminds me of the other punk girl we all fancied when I was at school - Pauline Murray of Penetration. 

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