Thursday, 28 February 2013

Preparation for a long trip to France

So I am just about to leave for nearly three weeks in France.  My project file for the French house has nearly 30 pages of detailed things that need to be done.  These range from the complete decoration of two rooms - the downstairs shower room and the room we still call the boy's room - to little things like attaching the name sign to the end of the drive.

There is a major furniture order due - the outdoor furniture which will need to be assembled.  There is a visit planned with our website designer and then, in week three, a few day's visit from Jerome and Yvette.

This latter visit should occur when the house is just about finished, so feedback from them will be interesting.  We are going to see their possible barn purchase again and also do some brocante shopping, with a rough plan to develop this into a small import business.

The draft pack of the car has revealed that the car will be actually packed to the rafters.  One of the kitchen units will be taken, plus loads more towels, linen, pictures, DIY stuff, etc.

I am actually really excited about have such a time to focus fully on the project.

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