Monday, 21 January 2013

Our friend Ellie is buying in France!

Out of the blue, an email from our friend Ellie with lots of major news.  She and her husband have seperated, she is living in Malvern with a friend, and is buying a gite complex in Brittany, not far from where Wife and I stay.  When I email her back straight away with our equivalent news, she is extremely surprised! 

Later we have a chat on the phone and the various details emerge.  Hopefully she will have moved by April and maybe we can call in and see her on the way to our place in late May.  So we are both trying to learn French at the moment - though my recent progress has rather come to a halt - so much for new years resolutions to do 20 minutes a day.

I am just finishing the prep for my latest French trip.  IKEA are supposed to be delivering furniture any day now and I am travelling to France with Jerome and a van to move the furniture we have accumulated here.  Once this trip is done, things will have taken a huge leap forward to us being ready with everything by Easter.

I have been mainly thinking about masonry projects for the house e.g. the terrace for Les Petits Chats that I hope to build this autumn.  At the moment, I hope to do that work myself and am studying a huge book on the subject

I wonder if the bathroom will be finished by when we get down?

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