Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Last preparation for our holiday in France

We leave for France tomorrow.  This is a slightly different sort of holiday than we usually have as we are spending several days in the middle looking at French properties to possibly buy.  So far we have arranged to see 10 and that should be enough for us to get a really good idea of what we might be able to do.  Then I plan to fine-tune our property requirements and think carefully about all the various pros and cons, before perhaps returning to France in mid-September in order to find somewhere good enough to put in an offer on.

But we actually start our holiday in Brittany staying in a small hotel on the end of a long point near Concarneau.  Four nights there and then a few hours drive down the cost to near La Rochelle, where we have eight nights booked and where our property search will take place.  Finally, we return to Brittany for two more nights.

Last minute preparations are now taking place.  Twice in the last few days I have been to London to bring back some of Daughter's stuff, as she moves out of her flat while we are away.  I have had a really painful knee the last two weeks - viral arthritis - and this has only just started to heal properly in time for me walking up and down three flights of stairs carrying awkwardly shaped items.

Daughter will be back home at the end of August for two weeks before departing for India for nearly three months.  Despite the exciting things in her life, she wishes she was coming to France with us!  If we buy somewhere this autumn, she'll be able to spend the summer there next year.

The sort of property we are going to see.  This one borders a river and has fishing rights!

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