Monday, 9 July 2012

A weekend in the Lake District

Daughter and I had talked for some while about having a weekend away together in the Lake District, but only booked the hotel and Daughter's train last weekend.  This is despite a really bad weather forecast that suggested that 10 inches of rain might fall over the weekend.

So I drove up on Friday afternoon and Daughter travelled up on the train, meeting at Lancaster station at 7:30.  We arrived at the hotel just after 8:00, and were still in time for a hearty three course supper in the restaurant. 

But around 10:30 that first night, I started to feel a bit unwell.  Stomach ache and nausea were the main symptoms.  The next morning this hadn't cleared up, indeed it got worse after breakfast and as we made our way to Coniston for our proposed walk.  I was really unwell before we got there and the walk was quickly cancelled.  We trundled into Ambleside, where Daughter got me some medicine and then had to have lunch on her own while I slept in the car.

Back to the hotel early afternoon and I slept the rest of the afternoon while daughter went for a walk on the beach and had ice cream.  I couldn't face dinner either so she dined alone, but we did watch a movie together later on - the rather odd Black Death about villagers avoiding the plague.

I did feel better on Sunday morning and could manage some food.  But the weather was worse for walking and I still felt pretty weak.  The morning gradually deteriorated as Daughter got cross about how the weekend had panned out, but improved a little as we had lunch in Ambleside.  I dropped her back at Lancaster around 1:30 and took a long time over the journey home.

So not a good trip - indeed a big disappointment.

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