Friday, 13 July 2012

This week I have been mostly reading . . .

This week I have been mostly reading

Junger's The Perfect Storm, which I started last Saturday in the Lake District and have very nearly finished.  We watched the movie on Wednesday evening - for some reason I had thought it had Brad Pitt in it rather than Mark Warlburg.  I thought the dialogue in the film was much more cliched and sentimentalised than I remembered, but enjoyable all the same

Cobb's The Resistance.  I forget why I bought this book, but it has been sitting on a pile in the study for some while and I suspect I only picked it up so I'd have something to read in the bath.  But already, loads of stuff I didn't know about the Nazi occupation of France and I do expect to plough through it all eventually.  I have reached page 50 this week

Patterson's Dark Pools.  His The Quants was one of the books that reintroduced me to trading a few years ago.  His new book is not as good, being focued on the rise of high frequency trading.  Still it is better than Arnuk and Saluzzi's Broken Markets, which I had found somewhat hysterical in tone. 

I have also started doing a little work on my biography project.  Part of this work involves a deep examination of some recent biographies that have some of the characteristics of my proposed one.  I started re-reading Safranski's Martin Heidegger when we were holiday and have just started taking some detailed notes on various structural points

By contrast, Macey's The Lives of Michel Foucault is a biography I read some years ago and which I am just starting to re-read.  I am comparing and contrasting it with Safranski as I go.  This is a big job - I expect it to take several weeks to read the two together.

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