Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dead can Dance - a new album!!!

Listening to Gideon Coe's BBC 6 show from the other night, there was a track played that I never thought I would hear - a track from a new Dead Can Dance album

No music has had such a profound effect on my life as that of Dead Can Dance.  I first saw them in concert on February 26th 1984 as support for Cocteau Twins at the Victoria Theatre in London.  I saw them three more times in the next couple of months as they played their first headlining shows at venues like the Loughborough Hotel in Briston.  At that time, I used to record shows I saw on a Sony Walkman Pro and I made some beautiful recordings of DCD.  The really good version of their Fulham Town Hall show of 1984 that occasional appears on music download sites is one of mine!

I have now seen them around 40 times, the last being 2005 on their "surprise" reformation tour.  I remember how exciting those shows were.  Those shows were all issued in a limited set of cds of which I own 8.  Wife and I have seen Lisa Gerrard a couple of times since then, but I had assumed that I would never hear another DCD record or see them live again.

So the new album is their first in 16 years and is out on August 13th.  My pre-order is in, though we are on holiday that day.  I will probably try and buy an MP3 version from Amazon while we are away as well as the CD. 

But at times like this, there is also one sad thing, which is that at this moment of huge excitement for me, there is no one I know who I could share this with.  No one in the family will be the slightest bit interested.  But I suspect that round the world, a huge number of people will share my excitement.

The track I heard tonight was called Anabasis and was one of their arabic-styled songs with Lisa on vocals.  

After much effort, I have acquired tickets for two shows from the forthcoming DCD tour.  One is for the show in London and the other is for Moscow in case I fancy a major trip. 

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