Sunday, 6 May 2012

A trip to London

Wife wishes to visit her brother today.  The last few weeks have seen a huge change in his circumstances with the diagnosis of prostate cancer.  Visiting him today, he seems in surprisingly good spirits.  However, there is the slight suggestion that he is not fully aware of his circumstances.  We have done lots of research and, in any case, have far more experience of cancer and understanding of it that they do.  We believe that his condition is quite advanced, while we are unsure that he realises this.  But regardless, the best strategy is to carry on and hope for the best.

Later we meet up with Daughter in central London.  We have a drink and some pastry goodies, buy imperfect chocolates at Borough Market, plus carrot cake and brownies.  We drop off some stuff and collect other things she doesn't want in London. 

On the way home, I calculate that it is 32 miles from home to Junction 12 on the M4, the turn off point for some fishing spots that I want to try next season.

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