Sunday, 27 May 2012

Foxes at Chimney Meadows

Another walk down to Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve really early on a Sunday morning.  The river has fallen another foot or so, but still has a good level.  I think I got used to it being really low back in February / March and now it looks high still but is really something more normal.  Some people were camping at Shifford lock when I got there at about 5:15am - very nice spot too.

The first highlight of today's Chimney visit was a deer that appeared near the woods.  In the low light and mist, I was hopeful I got a decent clip of video.  This was followed by another highlight - a hare that slowly made its way all the along the stream to just below where I was filming from, all the time seemingly oblivious to me being there.  At its closest, it was perhaps 5 yards from me!  Maybe the wind was favourable to avoid me being detected.

But the real highlight was the appearance of two foxes.  The first came out from the woods on the left, and made its way slowly to the stream, hunting all the way, presumably for mice.  It eventually seemed to leap into the stream (though was hidden from view when it did so) and then trotted off back to the woods.  I would guess it had caught some sort of bird.

Around 10 minutes later, a second fox appeared from the other direction to the first, trotting across the ground in front of me, again without detecting I was there.  I filmed that one for nearly 30 minutes before it vanished into the long grass close to the main river.

Some more nice deer shots rounded off a great bit of filming.

The second fox - perhaps 30 yards from me.  Just a shame it is like from behind by the early morning sun

Back to the main river and 20 minutes spent filming dragonflies.  One had caught a mayfly and was busy eating it head first - nice footage of that!
So enough for a new video, which I put together the next day.  Very pleased with this one

My Youtube channel has now had over 100 views.  Nothing has gone viral yet - perhaps when I post more fishing videos later in the year!

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