Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A trip to London - Emma is not a "veggie" anymore

Emma returned from her two week visit to China last weekend and we have been up to London to see her. The trip has been a great success and she is already planning her next trip and scouting out the possibilities that we might fund some of it for Christmas and next year's birthday. Her target is South America - possibly the Galapagos Islands followed by Peru (Manchu Pinchu, etc)

Over lunch, she tells us that she survived in China on a diet that seems to have mostly consisted of KFC chicken nuggets and ice cream. Having decided a few months back to start eating chicken, she is now pondering on moving onto other meats. She had a little taste of bacon at lunchtime, but this evening, at the pub just round the corner from her flat, she actually tried a few pieces of my rump steak and was most impressed. Almost as impressed as she was by my knickerbocker glory - what a fine meal that was.

So after 12 years, she is a veggie no more. And on Thursday this week is going to an Argentinian steak restaurant with a friend from Cambridge - that that would be just about the hardest place to be a veggie one would think

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