Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rediscovering Sneaker Pimps & Kelli Ali

Jerome is very excited today by the news that The Stone Roses have reformed and are playing shows next year. Our discussion of them (who I was never very fond of) leads onto the Inspiral Carpets, who I loved, The Charlatans, Lush (who I also loved), and finally Sneaker Pimps, a band I had almost entirely forgotton about but loved around 1996?

Never has a band made a dafter decision than the founders of Sneaker Pimps did when they decided to sack Kelli Ali, the singer. True, she might not have been there from the start, but she was clearly a major feature of their sound (and look). The first album is stupendous, especially the cover version of the song Brit Ekland sang in The Wicker Man. I have one or two of her solo cds which I will have to dig out I reckon.

From the video to "Spin spin sugar"

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