Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Longest Day?

Awake at 4:00am, head buzzing with trading related ideas. A brief attempt at getting back to sleep fails, so at work by 4:30. A brief pause just before 7:00 to watch Q3 for tomorrow's Grand Prix from Korea. A trip to the paper shop, then 4 hours more work.

Jerome arrives at 12:30. We spend an hour going through my latest work, then off to the pub for some lunch and a couple of pints of beer. A long dog walk then more work in the afternoon, until just after 6:00 when we start to get ready for the Village's annual "Call my wine bluff" competition. Our teamates duly arrive and we have two bottles of red wine and a bottle of proseco to get us in the mood to identify wine.

Sadly we come last out of 14 teams in this year's competition - we have nearly won in years past. We share the six bottles of wine between 8 of us during the evening.

Things wrap up about 11:00 and we adjorn to the pub for two more hours of drinking.

Home and in bed by 1:30 for a 22.5 hour day. And I was up at 6:30 the next morning - rather hungover it must be said - to watch the Grand Prix that started at 7:00.

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