Friday, 28 October 2011

Financial Markets TV Part 4: Inside Job

And so to our last Financial-Market programme. Winner of the Oscar last year for bext documentary, Inside Job is the sort of programme that intends to leave you foaming at the mouth with indignation at what you are seeing. And very effective at this it is too.

Jerome and I were talking about this a few weeks ago. He had already seen the film, while I hadn't. As we talk about our trading business, Jerome continues to put the view that we are living in the final period of Western economic success. The contingent liabilities for health and pensions are too high, the level of debt in the economy is too high, everything is going to collapse. But luckily, before it does, Jerome and I will have made millions from our trading and we will settled somewhere else, enjoying the fruits of our labour. Jerome sees this as something like a secret lair that a James Bond / Austin Powers villain would have.

He could well be right

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