Friday, 28 October 2011

Financial Market TV Part One: Margin Call

We have been collecting various movies, drams and documentaries related to the Financial Market troubles and the time has come to watch them one aftre the other in a great splurge of viewing. First up is Margin Call, a US movie set in a fictional investment bank which is facing problems with its warehousing of sub-primes. This has a rather stella cast, featuring Kevin Spacey as the head of the trading desk, Demi Moore as the Head of Risk Management, Jeremy Irons as the bank's Chief Executive and the guy who played Spock in the last Star Trek film

But I thought the real star waas Stanley Tucci, who plays the risk manager within the sub-prime trading area who initially suspects that all is beginning to go pear-shaped but is made redundant before he can pass on his fears. Tucci seems to play the role exactly as a Nassim Taleb character

The deputy head of the trading desk and "Spock" - the dealing rooms were very realistic I thought

I haven't seen Demi Moore in a film for years, but actually rather liked her portrayal of the Head of risk who is forced to carry the can for the problems. She only seems to feature in the news when there are stories about her relationship with the guy who is now in Two and a half Men. I think she remains rather gorgeous - as i get older, I am struck by how I now find older women more attractive. There is probably an evolutionary reason for that.

The dawn of Demi's last day - quite a view from her office (certainly better than any I had when I worked).

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