Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The mystery of the chronic toothache

On Friday there is an small sense of pain in one of my back teeth. On Saturday morning it is clearly there. On Saturday evening, a bite down on a piece of steak produces an involuntary yelp. The pain increases for the next few days.

None the less, I am slightly suspicious of it all. For one thing, I think it seems to move about slightly. When I mentioned it to Jerome, he thought it could just be a virus and have nothing to do with the tooth at all. So I set off to Tescos pre-dawn for a bottle of some sort of hi-intensity mouthwash and a supply of various headache tablets which I plan to mix and match. I will go to the dentist at the end of two days of this.

True I do then have a couple of poor night's sleep where I end up reading lots of Antony Beevor's Berlin in the middle of the night. But on the third morning, the pain has entirely gone. So perhap Jerome's theory was correct.

It has been a long time since I have felt pain as bad as this

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