Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rediscovering the band, "Cranes"

A brief mention of the band "Cranes" reminds me of just how much I used to love them. I haven't heard a CD of theirs for some years, but was surprised to discover that I own about half a dozen of their releases. Today's listening has been focused on "Live in Italy" with great versions of later tracks like Sunrise and Flute Song.

But for me, Cranes are always associated with the harsher early tracks around the time of the two Peel Sessions. Things like Dada 331, Inescapable, Adoration, albums like Self-Non-Self and so on. Hoping to have a good listen to everything

How can it be so long since I last heard them?

The lovely Alison Shaw - one of the oddest vocalists around

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