Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Jerome away - me trading again

Jerome has another week off this week and has gone camping with the kids. So after a day off to help move Emma into her new flat in London, I am back trading. Still not entirely used to the new formats that Jerome created on Monday, but I am slowly getting there.

It doesn't take long for me to get annoyed about things. At 9:00 our sell in DJ is picked off by just 0.5pts and the market then rallies 50 pts that bar and stops us out soon after. Then it nearly does the same at the 10:00, picking off our level by 1.5pts. This trade loses 18 in the end. So 2 specific points of move have costs us about 100 pts in losses.

Then I have time to slowly work through what yesterday would have produced - at least in pre-slippage form, what we call "raw". Sadly (an odd choice of words perhaps), yesterday would have been a really good day producing our second best result ever - about +1.9% for the day at current notional capital. CL, +183; EC +53 and DJ +303. So I am doubly annoyed that while today hasn't been going well, yesterday was great. if only Emma had moved house today.

Addendum - later this day: Finally, as the close approaches, a couple of trades give decent profits and the day ends at a small loss (-0.12%). But not a single LE all day, which is not good - there were 5 the day before

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