Friday, 19 August 2011

Data processing continues

Data processing - or "data bashing" as we refer to it - has continued a pace this week. Jerome has been free of distractions as the week has gone on, so he has done all the trading and I have "bashed". He is now pretty slick at the new systems, while I am not

In a change from previous projects, I have decided to try and organise the spreadsheets better and am using, as a heuristic, the idea of preparing a third-party investment proposal. At the moment this seems a far fetched idea, but it isn't impossible. So the current blind test and the future record keeping will be in a format that would enable me to put a presentation together really easily.

The data-bash also throws up the occasional issue that requires a little clarification, but actually not that much this time.

World markets continue to be really wild but we are pretty happy with our results. We did have a small losing day yesterday - down 0.85% - when a couple of trades were just picked off by very precise moves. If these moves had been a tiny bit smaller, we would have retained winning positions rather than be reversed and whipsawed. On such tiny things does the difference between being up and being down for the day hinge. Also there was no late move which was a shame.

I have enjoyed watching CNBC during the current crisis - so much intellectual effort is put into the markets. Standing back a bit, you would think it could all be used better!

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