Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Blast from the Past - December 16th 1982

Last lecture of term (as I'm not going to Logic tomorrow) and the last class. Watkins started Spinoza this morning. I quite like Watkins as a lecturer - he has some very nice touches. He covered in an hour and a half all I've done on Spinoza in 90 pages of reading. I spent the lecture thinking about how good I would be as a Professor of Philosophy, if only I could be academic enough to get there.

Last Rise of Modern Science class, and the conclusion of the talk on calculus which I quickly lost the thread of. Sandy seemed a lot more like her usual self today. She is off to Paris this evening and has said she will buy me some port on the way back. We walked up to Holborn tube together after the class, she on her way to Maple Street, and me just for a walk with her.

Then tonight it was off to the Venue in Victoria to see Iggy Pop. I have been a big Iggy fan for the last year or so, introduced by my friend Judith who had The Idiot and Kill City. I have gradually acquired tapes of the Stooges albums from various other people, and was very impressed by the live album, TV Eye, I bought earlier in the year. The show was really excellent - he really is an energetic performer! Lots of tracks I knew - The Passenger, Sixteen, Search and Destroy, Loose, Louie Louie, etc. Great Stuff!

Addendum - so after seeing Iggy and the Stooges last week in Carcassonne, I thought I would look up when I first saw Iggy. I had told Linda it was 1984, but apparently it was a little earlier. I loved the Venue in Victoria - it was where I first saw Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, and The Birthday Party.

"Watkins" is Professor John Watkins, head of the philosophy department at LSE when I was there and a staunch Popperian.

"Sandy" was Sandy Marwell, an American girl at LSE on a one year course, who I really fancied. During her year at LSE, she became a member of one of the Maoist groups! We were friends that first term, but not really in the next year.

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