Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fripp and Eno - Live in Paris, 1975

The current edition of Wired magazine has a review of a new issue of a live recording of Fripp and Eno in Paris back in 1975 or so. I have had a copy of this via the Air Structures bootleg for some while, but this is a "proper" issue via the DGM website. This I have to have.

A famous bootleg album

It was actually a bit disappointing in some ways. I had always assumed that Air Structures was a dis-jointed piecemeal recording which just highlighted bits of a continuous show. However it would seem that it was actually a pretty good version of the actual event. So the DGM issue was not all I had hoped it would be. I had thought there might have been a really long version of "Index of Metals", but sadly not.

Fripp and Eno, 1975. That must have been a truly shocking show!
I must dig out the recent double cd of No Pussyfooting and listen to the backwards recording again (the way John Peel once played the track by accident)

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