Sunday, 29 August 2010

Yet another Naomi Wolf fantasy

I am a huge fan of Naomi Wolf. Her book, The Treehouse, is one of my all time favourites and a book I have read three times - indeed I am due another read soon I feel. So I am instantly attracted to the headline on the front cover of today's Sunday Times that she has been investigating tantric sex. I first came across tantrism when I was about 15 and read Lisa Alther's Kinflicks, which contained a long section about it, and it has remained an interest since, though not for any useful practical purpose!

So Naomi has been to see a "yoni massage" expert in North London. It appears she didn't go ahead with the full treatment (though she has a friend who is going to try it and report back to her!). Some time ago I read Valerie Brook's book, Tantric Awakening, with its tale of wild tantric sex. For some reason this suggest to me the thought of Naomi Wolf being massaged to peak after peak of sexual ecstasy. This is rather an appealing thought -but then I find most things are when they are about her

The lovely Naomi

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