Friday, 27 August 2010

A dissertation day - but also a trading development

Linda and Emma have gone to Bath for the day and I have a day to concentrate on my dissertation. This is slowly taking shape but I can't help feeling that there are probably many course participants who had draft dissertations done around Easter time. Sadly I am not one of them and have only about one third of the document finished so far. My target is to have a version by the end of Monday, edit it Tuesday, hand it in Wednesday!

Today's work has mainly been on postmodernist accounts of history generally and history of science specifically, together with the section on Kuhn's The Copernican Revolution in contrast to Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Progress is slow it must be said.

A chat with Jerome this afternoon about trading matters and news that his father is very enthusiastic about the trading ideas and has doubled up Jerome's initial capital. So we will start with £20k of marginable capital on Monday September 6th. Jerome is now very fired up, as indeed am I. My trading work today has been on stop loss strategies for counter-trend systems, with some interesting conclusions so far.

An article in the paper today discusses the costs of owning various second hand cars. The article claims that a four year old Porsche 911 costs virtually nothing to run for a year. This is based on its virtually zero depreciation. This caused me to consider whether one of my own favourite cars might be sufficient cheap to own. A quick look on the internet reveals a car dealer with several Ferrari F355 Berlinettas for sale, all around the £35k.

I have decided that if the trading comes out as intended, I will buy one of these for my 48th birthday next year!

A thing of great beauty I reckon - yours for £37,995 with only 42,000 miles on the clock

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