Monday, 23 August 2010

A day spent on the dissertation - finally

I have mainly been working on the trading plans for the last couple of weeks, but time is beginning to run out on producing my dissertation. I do think about this on occasions and have got it roughly sketched in my mind, but I do really need to get cracking on it.

So finally, I managed most of the day on it today, cutting and pasting all my dissertation notes from various "idea dumps" I have produced over the past year. The upshot of this is that I have a document in rough section headings though not in order within sections. This totals 13,800 words versus the 10,000 word limit, so I am cutting down rather than scambling round for extra words. But I do have another 2 or 3 thousand words of new stuff to add. Then the proper writing can begin

But that said, the fact remains that the dissertation is not my highest priority. Indeed, with the failure to get on the PhD programme at Oxford, I suspect that my academic career is coming to an end. So there is a slight heaviness overhanging this last piece of work

However I do have another project that I intend to start on once the trading is up and running ok, and that will involve more academic work, so that is still good to have in the back of my mind.

So I will be working on the dissertation for most of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the next week or so. Then off to London on September 1st to deliver the finished document, spend the afternoon on some sort of post-dissertation treat and then back home to run some real time simulations with Jerome and do some work on clearing the garage.

A good trading result today making three times last week's profit in the one day. Beautiful results from the counter-trend systems

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